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The Silent Crowd

There is war going on in some parts of the world.
There is war going on in our minds too.
People are calling for help, but there is no one to look out to.
Falling bridges and the falling democracy
Crushing hopes,dreams,houses and people. 
The infrastructure looks great though.
Maybe you should paint them blue
Would show the agony of one or two.

Imagine a post apocalyptic world.
The citylights glow for none.
Abandoned houses,cars and bodies.
Schools are empty and so are parks
The chair is empty and so are our paths.
The young kids playing loud music don't exist anymore.
The parents don't wait anymore.
Rain falls on hollow grounds and nothing sprouts on these burning lands.

Humanity had left this place long ago.
Humans followed too.
The universe gave you everything
And now it is laughing at you.

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