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A Little Thing Called Faith

Faith is a slut wearing extra dark lipstick before a date
She knows she is going to regret
She knows it and puts it anyway
Because that's faith
Bossy face
Hair in place
Fixing her dress Faith was pushed down the stairs of her school building when five because,
Oh wait, no one remembers why
But faith remembers
The fall
The distorted expression
And the fear of stairs
She still holds it close
Waiting to hold a hand instead. Faith is an empty glass
In a bucket full of water
Faith is a walk back home
Knowing there is no home
Big enough to contain your soul
Faith is a lovely evening
Across your favourite avenues
Smelling the change in seasons
Faith is one day of waking up to change
Amidst days of opening eyes to darkness
Faith is the date by beach
Beyond everybody's reach
Faith is a yellow light in a red room
Chopin playing in the background
Faith is holiday on an unexpected rainy day. Faith is the bastard child
Of love and hate
Faith is what Kristen must have looked like
In that black dr…

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