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December Hullabaloo

It's 32nd December of a year that I did not want to end And you look like Christmas pockets Full of love and life And I sitting by the fire See you knit patterns into mini clothes For the pet that is coming home
It's 31st October of a sore evening Throats burn from excessive binging Is it the year that ends or a dream that dies Another year, another chance How to deal with broken hearts
It's 27th June and grocery shopping is a therapy Sometimes homes become dungeons Chained by thoughts and memories  And people die even when alive And you live with rotting minds.
It's 15th April and you've made a decision To not decide Pick lilies and roses And cigarettes too Pick honey and lemon  And the red dress too. Battles and fights spin our minds  Dancing through the bars I'd give so much not be alone And yet I have nothing to give at all. So, Alone So Alone.
It's January morning in the grey city And burning wood is all you smell Shame building up on you Bending line…

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