Late Night Musings.

(Image Source: The divine comedy:Inferno. 
Illustration by Paul Gustave Dore
Canto 4)

So when your hopes are on fire.
And it smells of the last day's food.
You sit at the kitchen table
Staring into the void,
The void laughs back at you.
You stink of the words left unsaid, feelings unfelt, memories not made.
The mouth is bitter from the hot coffee now gone long cold.
Just like your heart. . .
Dreaming by the day,working at nights.
One door leads to another to another.
Life spent in squares.
What is it that you're running from?
Inside your mind exists the small house by the sea.
Sun shines on coconut leaves
And no wind breathes of misery. .
It was raining the day you had left home.
It's raining tonight too.
You were lonely that night
And tonight is no new. 

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