Old you in a new city.

Old you in a new city,
You know you are a passerby
Greeting every new person with a smile.
You are not so friendly in your own city you remember.

Dancing with poetic strangers, you are yourself.
Climbing mountains, appreciating the change of air. 
You see a dog follow you, a different one every time.
A friend, philosopher or a guide?

You think of a time in Kolkata when you had patiently waited for this moment.
And now when you are finally living it, you thank your stars for being alive.
You don't smoke the cigarette you had been saving for yourself.
You'd rather live that one extra second, those each innocent looking puffs take away from what's your time.

Old you in a new city, your fate sealed like two people listening to the same music in two different geographical places.
You have to come back now.

New you in an old city.
The urban makes you, it breaks you
You get back to the cigarette you had saved for yourself.
"Old habits die hard"

You think the city stood still while you were away.
It did not. It never does. 

Living in a familiar place, in a foreign time.
The struggles of solemnity. 
You dream of the mountains every night.
What is it that you have left behind?

The radio had been reminding you of a faraway place for a while now.
Strange, how you could never escape the sense of deja-vu till the time you were there.

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