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Chicago Dreams

(Image source: From the last pages of my notebook)

(Note: I'd request you to play this song while you are reading this little piece. Thank you in advance. Let's begin to put ourselves before people, circumstances, and places)

                  She had met Tathagata one October evening when the leaves were starting to curl at its ends, submitting itself to the fall. The horoscope of that day very conveniently had said that she was going to meet the love of her life that day itself. She had laughed it off on the face of it thinking how there is no particular love in one's life but only manifestations of it. In spite of not believing in stars and planets having to do something with the day to day life of a person, she did subconsciously/consciously check the horoscope almost every day.
She was 20 and miserable, he 23 and accustomed to the misery now, did not click a spark the first time they met. However, now when she thinks about it, it was always there, even from before th…