The Comfortable Corner


      I live in a 2 bedroom flat.  5 people squeezed in the small rooms that seem to shrink with each passing day. I have been living here since the time I was hardly 5 years old. Now, it never seemed to be a problem then, but as I started growing up, the need for privacy started to kick in. I have always loved my own company the most. Even it means, sitting idly and staring into nothingness while my thoughts jazz in some other universe. I cannot sit in a room with its door wide open to the rest of the world. I cling on to that part of the day when I can detach myself from the outer world and just indulge in my own. That is when I take the shelter of the favorite corner of my house.

     That very corner which has been there and seen it all. The failures,the success,the struggle,the heartbreaks,the butterflies,the anguish,the desire,the dreams and the nightmares. It has been holding me with so much patience. The fading colours of the wall has known all my secrets. It has seen the rainbow of my thoughts and also the dullest of my despair. Also,when I had no one to share my stories with, it has lent me an ear. It has seen me go up and down the scale of sanity and has not been judgemental. Some days,all I did was hugged my knees and sat there crying and on others I've been sewing threads of an imaginary blanket of dreams. On particular days,when I felt very superficial and swiped miles on my phone screen it did not mind.The favourite corner of my room has given me the peace which no human in my life could,it has been there for me in ways which no human can possibly be. I have ditched plans only to dwindle in the corner of my room, sipping coffee and watching FRIENDS on a loop. This quarter of the room has been so genuine and giving. The comfort of its arms has supported my neck as I wandered in the lands of sleep with an unfinished book on my chest. It has seen me fight my own irrationalities too,and come out of it.

    My favorite corner of the room has a window which faces the south.As the blissful wind brushes against my body while the sky goes through the melodrama of colors the small yellow light glowing from the little lampshade helps me read the book which I'm trying to finish since a very long time. The blue fairy lights give me aesthetics of a dreamy island as I gradually get teleported to Harper Lee's world through her words, only one thing that keeps me connected to my world is the presence of my absence in the favorite corner of my room.

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