Telling you why.

     To start with, I'd try to tell you people who are reading this, a little about myself, something that I'm worst at; describing myself.

     I think I've been stuck at the edge of taking a metaphorical jump into writing for quite some time now and I am also the kind of person who does not like staying in the same place for a long time, thus putting aside my procrastination, I am making this amateur attempt at putting across my approach to life across people. I am not telling you that this is the correct approach to life. Who knows the correct approach to life anyway? However, what I want to convey is that I have spent a lot of my time doing things that don't contribute to my own growth as an individual and I have always caught myself regretting about it. I am always thinking at others times, of productive things to do and that thinking gets me all tired and I retire back to what I do the best, nothing.

        I like to categorize myself as an introvert. Initially, I used to not feel very great about my inability to hang out in big groups, socialize at parties or other things, people my age tend to do with a lot of ease. I have friends, who I like to hang out with on one to one basis. I can contribute better when the number of people talking is less. I am not the person who always have to shove my opinion down people's throat. I let people be! So naturally I get a lot of time with myself and that is how I had to come up with things which could let me have fun while I am alone. The best thing about it is you realize that once you find out what you really like doing and what immense happiness it gives you, you don't really feel much dependent on people which point (a), was my main motive behind communicating my thought. We've all been cancelled upon at last moments and there have been times when we have just wanted to stay back and not do the day, for once. It is for days like this, and for all the other days that we learn to appreciate our very own company. So that we don't fall back into the " I am bored " trap and make a plan just for the sake of it. I have been half enjoying my life till a very long time now. We think that only human interactions are capable of spreading love and happiness in our life. They are important for sure but there are so many other things that you can do solely when you are alone that create the positive energy required to sustain you through the next few days.

      Have you ever just stopped and wondered who you are? Have you ever wondered how someone else would describe you in a book? Frankly, like I began the piece with, I don' get a very clear picture of myself. I am at a lack of words when someone asks me to tell them about myself. Thus, above all, this is an approach to understand me better.

      I am also not telling you that I have it figured out. I am probably at the same place where you are, while you are reading this. So I am looking forward to exploring myself through my own words to help me know myself better.  I would try to be active and write more, not about myself, but about the state of solitude and how there are varies degrees of it. I'd bombard this place with everything I do to enjoy my solitude and I hope it would help you too and I believe that though we like to think we all have different journeys, eventually, we all want the same things from life. We are all just dots trying to go somewhere but not reaching anywhere. Perhaps we never will. The end line will always be subjective to circumstances. The only thing constant through the span of life and death is our time here and the happiness, love, and art that we create in this world stay even after our time here is over.


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