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Late Night Musings.

(Image Source: The divine comedy:Inferno. 
Illustration by Paul Gustave Dore
Canto 4)

So when your hopes are on fire.
And it smells of the last day's food.
You sit at the kitchen table
Staring into the void,
The void laughs back at you.
You stink of the words left unsaid, feelings unfelt, memories not made.
The mouth is bitter from the hot coffee now gone long cold.
Just like your heart. . .
Dreaming by the day,working at nights.
One door leads to another to another.
Life spent in squares.
What is it that you're running from?
Inside your mind exists the small house by the sea.
Sun shines on coconut leaves
And no wind breathes of misery. .
It was raining the day you had left home.
It's raining tonight too.
You were lonely that night
And tonight is no new. 

Old you in a new city.

Old you in a new city,
You know you are a passerby
Greeting every new person with a smile.
You are not so friendly in your own city you remember.

Dancing with poetic strangers, you are yourself.
Climbing mountains, appreciating the change of air. 
You see a dog follow you, a different one every time.
A friend, philosopher or a guide?

You think of a time in Kolkata when you had patiently waited for this moment.
And now when you are finally living it, you thank your stars for being alive.
You don't smoke the cigarette you had been saving for yourself.
You'd rather live that one extra second, those each innocent looking puffs take away from what's your time.

Old you in a new city, your fate sealed like two people listening to the same music in two different geographical places.
You have to come back now.

New you in an old city.
The urban makes you, it breaks you
You get back to the cigarette you had saved for yourself.
"Old habits die hard"

You think the city stood still while you we…

Chicago Dreams

(Image source: From the last pages of my notebook)

(Note: I'd request you to play this song while you are reading this little piece. Thank you in advance. Let's begin to put ourselves before people, circumstances, and places)

                  She had met Tathagata one October evening when the leaves were starting to curl at its ends, submitting itself to the fall. The horoscope of that day very conveniently had said that she was going to meet the love of her life that day itself. She had laughed it off on the face of it thinking how there is no particular love in one's life but only manifestations of it. In spite of not believing in stars and planets having to do something with the day to day life of a person, she did subconsciously/consciously check the horoscope almost every day.
She was 20 and miserable, he 23 and accustomed to the misery now, did not click a spark the first time they met. However, now when she thinks about it, it was always there, even from before th…

The Comfortable Corner

I live in a 2 bedroom flat.  5 people squeezed in the small rooms that seem to shrink with each passing day. I have been living here since the time I was hardly 5 years old. Now, it never seemed to be a problem then, but as I started growing up, the need for privacy started to kick in. I have always loved my own company the most. Even it means, sitting idly and staring into nothingness while my thoughts jazz in some other universe. I cannot sit in a room with its door wide open to the rest of the world. I cling on to that part of the day when I can detach myself from the outer world and just indulge in my own. That is when I take the shelter of the favorite corner of my house.

     That very corner which has been there and seen it all. The failures,the success,the struggle,the heartbreaks,the butterflies,the anguish,the desire,the dreams and the nightmares. It has been holding me with so much patience. The fading colours of the wall has known all my secrets. It has seen the rai…

Telling you why.

To start with, I'd try to tell you people who are reading this, a little about myself, something that I'm worst at; describing myself.

     I think I've been stuck at the edge of taking a metaphorical jump into writing for quite some time now and I am also the kind of person who does not like staying in the same place for a long time, thus putting aside my procrastination, I am making this amateur attempt at putting across my approach to life across people. I am not telling you that this is the correct approach to life. Who knows the correct approach to life anyway? However, what I want to convey is that I have spent a lot of my time doing things that don't contribute to my own growth as an individual and I have always caught myself regretting about it. I am always thinking at others times, of productive things to do and that thinking gets me all tired and I retire back to what I do the best, nothing.

        I like to categorize myself as an introvert. Initially,…